The Cause of Defeat in a Dream Based Lottery Game

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There are many people who place lotteries based on their dreams, and this is actually a mistake. Putting numbers obtained from dreams is something that is difficult for common sense to accept. Because that dream is not always a sign of the lottery. You can lose a lot of money from your dream. Even though many people who lose a lot because of posting dreams don’t win, this practice is still widely used.

The average adult generation of the 40s will put up lottery numbers when dreaming of something that is not natural. In fact, many studies out there, state that dreams are a natural thing that happens because of memory processing in the resting brain.

When a person is sleeping, the brain does not immediately rest. There are certain parts of the brain that will actively provide “Vision” to the person’s consciousness.

Usually “Vision” is derived from memories that are randomized throughout the person’s life. But, the question is: Why do people win the lottery because of a dream?

Cause People Win Lottery from Dreams


Is it just a coincidence when someone wins from the lottery game? Or are there other forces at play in dreamland?

If you use logic, then actually when someone dreams in such a way and there is a number then he pairs and wins, it’s a coincidence.

How could there be a number associated with a dream? It is man-made, not some superpowered entity.

So, the big question is, why do so many people win syair hongkong?

Actually, such an incident is a repeater energy phenomenon, which is where an event occurs repeatedly and is recorded by humans.

For example, every child born on a certain date will have certain characteristics.

This is closely related to the number of empirical events whose pattern is always the same. Every child born on a certain date and time will have difficulties in life like what. It was recorded for thousands of years.

So, from these data, it can be concluded that children born at certain hours will inherit certain difficulties. But are all children like that? No, right?

There are many children who are also born simultaneously at certain times and certain dates but do not experience significant difficulties. This means that even the same energy pattern can go wrong and change.

Basically, there are only 3 laws in the human realm, namely impermanence, non-control, and suffering.

Using Logic in Online Togel Games

It is impossible for you to always dream and always get the lottery number from that dream. The dream does not come every day, nor is it always accurate.

What needs to be done so that you can continue to win the lottery?
God sent down a wonderful instrument on man, which is the Higher Mind.

There is a low mind and a high one. Only in humans, higher thoughts exist. This is because other living things like animals also have thoughts but their thoughts are so simple that they are called low thoughts.

Example: In dogs, the mind is always to be loyal to the person who cares for them. Dogs also have instincts, which are part of the mind.

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