The people in Sungai Siput are very clear on which party has been doing grassroots work in the last 15 years, on who has been having active service centers. We also believe that the people are smart enough to distinguish which party does work actively and which party becomes active during general elections.

There is no doubt at all that the PSM candidates are the best and the most deserving people to stand in both Sungai Siput Parliament and the Jalong state seat in Sungai Siput.

In the last election, DAP refuses to recognize this point and three-cornered us in both the seats and the result is obvious. Three corners are not good for anyone and both the parties lost but PSM candidate using PKR tickets came second in both this contest in Parliament and Jalong state seat. DAP was further humiliated in Parliament seat when its candidate lost its deposits.

In the coming elections, PSM is once again making the same request, that DAP allows PSM – the best party to run in these seats. In this coming election also, PSM is almost certain of winning the Jalong state seat. DAP cannot pretend and must concede that in the last election, the DAP candidates came out third against PSM candidates and therefore it is only logical to give way this time.

Having said that, PSM has never been unreasonable. We would definitely agree to exchange seats with DAP in Sungai Siput Parliament if DAP is willing to field their top guns like Karpal Singh or Kulasegaran there. We believe both of them know very well that, it is a very difficult seat to win. Without any credible candidates put forward, then the best candidate would be someone from the PSM.

Very recently, DAP’s Kula has been throwing Uthayakumar’s and other Hindraf leaders’ names to stand against Samy Vellu. PSM welcome this and is willing to give in, in condition DAP also becomes magnanimous in giving way in other areas where PSM has tremendous support and has done grassroots work.

Currently, we are determined and have the capacity to field candidates in Buntong, Bercham and Jelapang state seats in which we are ready and willing to stand and win in exchange with the Sg. Siput Parliament seat. In all these areas, PSM has worked for more than 10 years. Our candidates are not people who are just brought in via express to stand in elections. They have done work in the area for at least 5 years – a precondition set by PSM to its candidates who want to stand in elections.

So it is important for parachute candidates to understand that politics in not work once in 4-5 years. If we want to beat the BN, let’s be serious and give and take. Let the best candidate and the most deserving party be filled and take on the BN.