Kuala Lumpur, 28 September 2007

This morning, more than three thousand Burmese protesters, most of them wearing red marched in the street of Kuala Lumpur. They walked from Ampang Park to the Burmese Embassy, 2 kilometers away. There they had a very organized peaceful demonstration facing the local Riot police who were guarding the Embassy. Then they proceeded to the Chinese Embassy and the Russian Embassy to hand over a memorandum.

The demonstration was a joint effort of nine Burmese Organizations here. Most of the protesters wore a headscarf, carried posters, and banners denouncing the military junta, calling for the killing to stop and demanding democracy. Many also carried symbols symbolizing Buddha and portraits of Aung Sang Suu Kyi.

Only a handful of Malaysians was among the crowd to give solidarity. PSM’s Secretary-General S.Arutchelvan in solidarity marched with the protesters to the three protest points. Among some of the organizations present were SUARAM, AI, and HAKAM. The protesters were very disciplined, very organized and had the entire program carried with such discipline and precision. The marshals kept the crowd in control. Many protesters took leave while in some places, the employer had to shut down the business today as almost all the workers were gone demonstrating. Most of those present today expressed anxiety about the situation back home.  The spirits were high throughout the program. The Malaysian police force who came in full force were amazed by the mobilization by the Burmese and maintained traffic control as well was very restrained.

It was a day when the diverse Burmese community came down with one message – Junta out! Democracy Now!