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Genting Highland is a tourist destination in Malaysia with no doubt it’s quality. This neighbor country mountain tour has been able to attract thousands of tourists every year. Travelers from Asia as well as America and Europe idolize Genting in their Malaysia visit.

Apart from the cable car, which is the prima donna in Genting is the casino. In fact, you could say the casino is an icon of this one tourist destination. For real travelers, when they hear the name Genting Highland Malaysia, ‘casino’ is definitely the first 3 words that come to their mind.

Genting Las Vegas of Malaysia


Genting Highland is a tourist location with a complete package in it. The accommodation here is very adequate. If you don’t find a place to stay in Genting, you are a very unlucky person. Genting itself has 10,000 rooms spread across 6 hotels in the area.

Various holiday facilities that will be able to pamper the children are also complete here. About 50 types of attractions in indoor and outdoor playgrounds are in Genting. They are guaranteed that they will have a great time spending their holidays here.

In addition, even adults will not feel bored spending time in Genting. They can pamper the tongue with a culinary tour. Alternatively, they can also shop by selecting items at more than 150 outlets scattered in the shopping centers here.

If the natural scenery of Genting, playgrounds, shopping, and culinary tours is not enough, tourists can also try their gambling skills in Genting. Yes, Genting is the right place to gamble in the neighboring country. Just come to king4d. The place is very popular among travelers who want to try their luck through gambling machines.

With the existence of a place to gamble in Genting, many people equate this place with Las Vegas. How come? The casino is a Genting landmark. No wonder Genting is often said to be the Las Vegas of Malaysia.

Genting Casino as a Legal Gambling Place in Malaysia

Casinos might be a little intimidating for most of the middle to lower class people. This place is indeed associated with wealthy and wealthy people. They bravely bet the money they have to make more money to put in their pockets.

Casinos are not just any place to enter. Even so with casinos in Malaysia. It doesn’t matter how much money you have to carry. However, entering a casino means that you must be at least 21 years old.

It’s not just a matter of age, the casinos in Genting also have other rules to obey. If you are a citizen of Malaysia and are Muslim, then you will not be allowed to enter this place. The neighboring country is a country known for its strong Islamic values. Not surprisingly, this country does not allow its Muslim citizens to enter the casino, even if just to have a look.

Apart from its status as one of the most respected Muslim countries in the world, casinos in Genting are a legal place to gamble in this country. As long as they are of sufficient age and are not Malaysian Muslims, anyone is free to gamble here. The casino in Genting is even open 24 hours.

Casinos in Genting are available in various locations. You can find the casino at First World Plaza or at the Genting Hotel. You can entertain yourself with various gambling game machines. Blackjack, Roulette, Tai Sai, to horse racing betting are all here. If you are still a beginner, you can use the jackpot machine to try your luck.

Tips for visiting the Genting Casino

Casinos in Genting, as discussed above, cannot be entered by everyone and just anyone. There are several conditions that you must comply with. To ensure this, the casino puts security staff at its entrances. Therefore, make sure you bring complete documents or personal data if you want to go to the casino in Genting. The staff will check the completeness of your documents.

Also, if gambling is new to you, make sure you leave your credit card at the hotel. Bringing a credit card for gambling for beginners can lead to disaster. Therefore, you should just bring enough cash in your wallet.

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